NanoDen is a revolutionary, patented nanoparticle being incorporated and further researched in topical and cosmetic products with proven efficacy. NanoDen has unique formulations, creating high-quality, one of a kind products for Private Label Distribution.​

Our unique and innovative formulations are designed by our team of experts in Dermatology, Herbal Remedies, Esthetics, Chemistry and Nanotechnology.  Leading the team is Dr. Ida Franiak, PhD, who received her degree in Biophysics and Medical Genetics and specializes in novel drug research in cancer treatments.

While a vast majority of topical creams never penetrate below the outermost layers of the skin, our NanoDen will help to open a pathway deeper into the cells of the body and skin. Our safe and effective technology binds to other active ingredients to carry them deeper to the target layers of skin in order to work quickly and achieve greater, longer lasting results.

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If you have questions about ordering NanoDen samples, or would like more information about White Label Manufacturing our formulas, please feel free to contact us.

Formulation & Production

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