Now offering our unique, patented NanoDen (modified with sugar molecules) to incorporate in product formulations. While a vast majority of topical creams never penetrate below the outermost layers of the skin, our NanoDen will help to open a pathway deeper into the cells of the body and skin. Our safe and effective technology binds to other active ingredients to carry them deeper to the target epidermis layers in order to work more effectively to achieve greater results from your formulas. For example, Hyaluronic acid combined with our NanoDen will more efficiently attract moisture from within the body to the surface of the skin causing a natural hydration and plumping of the cells for a more youthful appearance. Other vitamins and minerals will also be able to penetrate and feed the skin cells those nutrients that are otherwise difficult to absorb.

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Mechanisms of drug permeation enhancement through the skin from nanocarrier systems seem to be related to their interaction with phospholipids, that results in defects or holes on cell membranes. NanoDen would act by temporarily opening the skin barriers, extracting lipids of the stratum corneum.

Surface-charged dendrimers can strongly improve the solubility of bioactive molecules, and hence the drug activity. Moreover, the repetitive branching of NanoDen particles provides sustained release of the bioactive molecules from the dendrimeric pharmaceutical carrier.


Our sugar-coated PPI-GDs are great attractants for bacteria. PPI-GDs act like a Trojan horse, they first trick bacteria with sugar and as soon as they are close enough, they kill bacteria in a few seconds/minutes. Effective antimicrobial activity with S. aureus encouraged us to formulate a topical product for the acne treatment. Additionally, excessive sebum production and epidermal hyperproliferation were observed in severe cases of acne, they also inhibit the proliferation of epidermal cells and the secretion of sebum.

Specific innovations of our anti-acne approach include the following:

  • Our PPI-GD nano-emulsion acts as a very broad-spectrum topical antibiotic.

  • In addition, bacteria do not produce resistance to NanoDen , so each application of the cream has a therapeutic effect.

  • PPI-GD nanoemulsion lead faster improvement of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  • This product demonstrates scar healing properties.

  • Our nanoemulsion can be used at any age and regardless of birth control.

  • Indications include the treatment of acute and chronic acne in moderate to severe cases.


We have filed a provisional patent based on our original idea (US 63/087,066) (DLA Piper LLC, USA).  We are the first working on this technology in the skin care market.

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